Hello everyone, my name is Rick Wade, and I’m the man behind Harmonie Park Records, and Bass Force Records. I’ve been a DJ/Producer for over 25 years, with releases on over 100 labels (wow, that’s a lot!) specializing in my own unique brand of Detroit deep house and Ghetto-Tech. Throughout the years, I’ve been very fortunate in that my music has been well received internationally which has afforded me the opportunity to travel the globe, meet new people and share in experiences that I might not otherwise have been able to. One experience that stands out is having some of my music featured in the season one finale of the Japanese anime; Space Dandy (I’m a huge anime fan!)

What you may not know about me is that I’m also a graphic artist. Long before I touched my first keyboard or drum machine, I had aspirations of becoming a penciler for one of the major comic book companies (realistic pencil drawings and comic characters were my specialty.) Life is strange though, and we never know where it may lead us, and I ended up following the path of music creation. However, the artistic spirit was always strong within me, and I continued creating characters and animations while at the same time making deep beats.

Now I’ve decided to allow that artistic side of myself to spread its wings, by selling t-shirts which feature my designs. You’ll find that my designs will tend to revolve around the things that I’m interested in i.e. music, anime, sci-fi, general positivity. I figure this will be a wonderful creative outlet for me, and will also help to put some positive vibes into a world that is in desperate need for a little positivity. Plus, if I can make a little cash by using my creative gifts, then all the better!


Rick Wade 🙂